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Comparing Prices With KARATBARS Gold Bullion

The first thing in comparing prices of ANY commodity is understanding that you must do an apples-to-apples comparison. For example, if you are going to buy a pint of milk you must compare the price with other single pints of milk.

What you DON'T do is find the best price for a GALLON of milk (which, for the sake of discussion, lets say is $4) and then divide $4 by 8 pints (which is 50 cents per pint), and then compare that price to buying a single pint. We all understand what it means to buy in bulk. As with any product, there is what is commonly called volume discounts. The reason bulk prices are less per ounce is very simple: there is more labor cost to produce several units verses one unit, but the flexibility of use benefits are significant with 1-gram gold over larger weights.

To get an accurate price comparison (not taking into consideration the MANY benefits that come with owning a flexible transaction-friendly 1-gram Karatbar), you cannot take the spot price for an ounce of gold and divide it by 31.1. (There are roughly 31.1 grams per troy ounce of gold.) And you cannot take a gram price and multiply it by 31.1. You must price Karatbars gold bullion by the gram against other similar-quality gold that's sold by the gram to make an accurate comparison.


Most customers when looking to BUY Gold, ANY gold, usually deal with RETAIL. All they typically see or know to compare is price.

Some retail companies may give them a special discount for a purchase. But it's still retail without other financial rewards. When the deal is done, IT'S ALL DONE.

And without knowing all the features and benefits included in KARATBARS, they may jump to conclusions. They don't know. For many, it may not be that important to them. But those who want the facts will get them.

WHY? Because they have NEVER been exposed to anything like this before. KARATBARS is a Category Creator. NO one is doing what Karatbars is doing globally.

So, LOGICALLY, without some explanation, someone may ASSUME that Karatbars is in some kind of "BAKE SALE" and simply include it with other "gold" companies. It's LOGICAL, But INVALID.

So, why should one NOT look at only price to make an accurate, informed complete comparison?

Karatbars has the lowest price for their gold category. Compare BMW to BMW, not Ford to BMW. Google: kinebar grade 1 gram gold.

But before we get into all the reasons why owning a 1-gram Karatbar makes far more sense in this economy than owning a 1-ounce bar - even though the same amount of gold may be lower in price – lets compare prices of several 1-gram bars:

The Price of KARATBARS Gold Bullion Is In Line With What's Out There ... Even Better

With gold and silver, you pay more for smaller weights regardless of your source. Just like you pay more for 1 can of soda or beer than you would pay for a case of 24 cans. The more you buy, the better price you get.

If you want to be accurate and compare apples to apples, ask your broker what his/her price is for a 999.9-grade 1-gram gold bullion produced by an LBMA-certified refinery? No one can touch Karatbars price! Karatbars has consistently maintained a 2-4% better price. Even if a broker could match or beat Karatbars prices, will they give you free gold for referring others?!? I think not. And all require you to buy many 1-gram bars even if you only want to buy one and although they may advertise they can deliver, they are often out of stock or cannot actually deliver gold in one gram weights.

It's not what it costs; it's what the market says it's worth. Cost and worth are two different things, much like an acre of land on the U.S west coast in Malibu is worth more than an acre of land in Iowa. Karatbars is "prime real estate": It costs less than comparable 1-gram gold bullion bars of this quality; it resells for more; and it holds its value out of the vault.

Other Key Points

#1 privately issued
(produced by a private refinery and mint and exclusive to Karatbars) 999.9% 24-Karat Gold Bullion... and are not subject to seizure under the current International Bullion Laws and U.S. Law. (Unlike Coins)

Gold coins that have minted and issued from any government can be recalled to issuer (the government). All gold from Karatbars is privately issued and CANNOT be confiscated by any so-called authority. Karatbars gold is Private Issue bullion, 999.9% Fine Gold, each Karatbar weighs in at 1.01 grams.

#2Transaction Friendly.
NO NEED TO USE MORE THAN IS NECESSARY If you own an ounce of gold, and need only a few hundred dollars, you will need to sell the whole ounce. If you have high inflation, you will want to leave as much as possible in gold. The inconvenience of finding a dealer willing to give you a fair price without having to stand in line etc., is something to consider as well. Karatbars (1-grams) eliminate the need to convert to cash or use more than is required at that time. You cannot chip off a piece from an ounce and expect anyone to give you just that amount in paper cash or goods and services.

Anyone, without ANY fees or costs, is able to introduce others to Karatbars and earn a commission. But why not, with very little effort, introduce others and have your gold bought with commissions earned?.

#4 Karatbars Gold has ALL the bells and whistles.

Produced by an LBMA-certified "good delivery" refinery. See http://www.lbma.org.uk/about-us Karatbars are good for "settlement of debt" worldwide. Do not take the LBMA-certification lightly: It takes 3 years of zero issues for a refinery to get LBMA-certified. Our Karatbars cannot be counterfeited, and are verifiable by obvious and instant inspection.

Free storage abroad, in various geographic locations.

Low-cost shipping (about $20 for 40 grams) if you want your Karatbars delivered to you. Our company subsidizes the portion of the shipping cost that ensures the shipment reaches the Customer's designated destination.

Karatbars are stored in vaults, not in circulation or around circulation like a savings deposit vault of a regular bank. They are NOT held as collateral for something else like a prime funding venture or anything like that. If for some reason you cannot fully trust an offshore account then get your Karatbars delivered directly as a one-time purchase, right now.

Gold deposits are stored in large bars until ready to be minted into card denominations of your choice (0.5 gram, 1 gm, 2.5 gm, and 5 gm ingot cards. Until Karatbars has expanded to every country we can possibly in, we only offer 1-gram ingot cards.

VERY IMPORTANTEN: To exchange into gold is one thing; to exchange out of gold is another. Karatbars is the simple, no-nonsense, worldwide solution to a full-presence answer to both types of exchanges. Karatbars offers a multi-faceted EXIT strategy unlike any other gold source.

Karatbars International will buy back your Karatbars with the guaranteed best buy-back price.

You can sell to other Karatbars Customers or Affiliates. Soon, we will be able to exchange fractions of a gram online, not using the cards.

Other major financial institutions see us as a reliable financial partner; for example, The Vatican bought and branded 100 kilograms of our gold and branded it with our Karatbars. NO ONE can doubt that the Vatican is a major financial giant worldwide. The Vatican doesn't get involved with hokey companies at all, Period.

We have made many presentations and expect to produce more Affinity Cards like the Pope cards. Football Teams, Hip-Hop artists, several churches, an Airline, and more are considering a private labeled Karatbar for themselves. We are just getting started.

Remember: EARNING FREE GOLD is better than buying it at ANY discount. Sell back to Karatbars at a higher price than you would get from any gold dealer.

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