Is Karatbars Legit?

"I mentioned Karatbars to a friend / spouse and they said Karatbars looks like a SCAM!!"

... They said "Only the guy at the top makes money! ...They said it's a pyramid! ... Or,maybe they said "I'm no marketing genius"

Try not to get frustrated with them ... They are Still Confused About Money

1) Karatbars is located in Germany where financial & precious metals companies are critically scrutinized/audited. 2) It is possible to earn more than the ones above you and that happens all the time. 3) Have you ever thought about how all large businesses are built in a pyramid like structure? Since when does a new janitor start his job earning more than the CEO at the top? 4) You may not be a marketing genius ... but maybe you know one or two people who are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Maybe you know one or two people who are willing to do whatever it takes to get out of their current situation. Maybe you know someone who is looking for an opportunity that could take care of them and their family for the rest of their life ... "All it takes is two referrals with Dreams, Desires and Determination ... to fill your life with cash (weekly), trips, Gold and other premium rewards." (No need to be a super salesman and sell boxes of gold by yourself everyday ... unless you want to do it the hard way)


Is Karatbars a Pyramid Scheme?


No. This vidoe has been used in courtrooms to explain how a fair compensation plan works

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Karatgold Coin (KBC) is a cryptocurrency token backed by physical Gold and operates on the the Ethereum platform. Karatgold Coin has a current supply of 12,000,000,000 KBC. ... The 72 million ICO cap BLEW out! (MOST ICO’s CAN’t BREAK 5 MILLION)

....Now we have our own exchange up and running. Those who buy KBC now will be able to exchange 100KBC (Approx $3.00 in Feb 2019) for 1 Gram of Gold (Approx $40 expected) on July 4th 2019. Notice the total market cap is $371,538,798! This makes it the 19th largest market cap on coinmarketcap!! Want to hear something even cooler when the coin reaches 9 cents the total market cap will be $1,114,616,394 making it 13th on CoinmarketCap :) How to purchase the coins? Setup a free affiliate account that's linked to the exchange.


Karatbars, Gold Standard Bank Opening & Testimonials

I see no reason why long-term benefit plans like Social Security are saved in dollar bills .... a 40-year savings plan that gives you 40 times less buying power after 40 years.

"Cash Will Be Trash"

"Future Of Gold "Very Good”

-Rich Dad’s Robert Kiyosaki

"Only Gold is money. Everything else is debt"

J.P. Morgan

"Gold is king"

Alan Greenspan

"If You Want Different Results, You Have to Try Different Approaches. Your success is not about your resources. It's about how resourceful you are"

Exciting Rewards Program

Keep Karatbars a secret if you want or let (2) like minded individuals in on what we are doing and be eligible to receive; cash, cars, spendable gold, trips and a villa (Location of your choice)

C Class

40.000 €
You get the title

E Class or CLS

70.000 €
You get the title

S Class or SL

120.000 €
You get the title


Karatbars offers a (Free) network marketing opportunity available in 135 countries worldwide. (ALL businesses depend on networks!) It is simple, legit and pays you for the rest of your life all from a single one time payment. (optional) If you are looking for financial freedom or just the ability to make some extra money to pay some bills THIS IS IT!, There are no products to sell.

No investment required. Affiliates without a package can get paid monthly directly to their Karatbars debit card.(Unilevel system only) Affiliates that acquire a business package can get paid five times a month. (Dual team eligible forever) Like a binary, those in the dual system are building only two teams ... but unlike most binaries we get to keep our units/points when we don't have enough to complete a cycle/payout! (A cycle payout is one of the many ways we get paid. It happens in real time ... when we get 25 units in one team and 50 units in the other team in the dual system)

*NEW Get paid weekly direct commissions 3 persons deep at 10%. -3%- 2% Example: if you sign Mr A you get 10% commission from his package Mr A signs. Mr B , he gets 10% and you get 3% . Mr B signs Mr C, Mr B gets 10%, Mr A gets 3% and you get 2% commission (Packages are now being sold with 2.6 million worth of stuff!)

*NEW Get paid weekly matching bonuses from every direct line’s weekly Cycle bonuses down to 7 persons deep. Example: If you sign up 10 persons directly and each of them sign up other people you will get a 5% bonus from whatever your downlines make weekly according to which package you own as follows: VIP: 10 x 7= 70 persons (paying you) Gold: 10 x 5 =50 persons Silver: 10 x 3 =30 persons Bronze: 10 x 2=20 persons

* Get paid monthly bonuses between 0.5% to 6% on all Gold and Crypto Coins sold in your organization.

* Get paid monthly from Premium and Premium Pro packages that currently pay out 1-4pool shares per month on everything sold in Karatbars.

PLUS PLUS PLUS HUGE CRYPTO LAUNCH OPPORTUNITY *KBC Coin- Only Crypto Coin backed by (TANGIBLE) gold. *KCB Coin- Connected to : Karatcoin Bank in Miami ATM’s worldwide Our own crypto exchange Digital Stock Exchange Goldmines Crypto Cell phones Karatpay Profit cards All of the above generating profits and increasing the value of both coins


Real Exponential growth Earning Opportunity

Let's pretend you needed a job! I offered you a house painting job with all supplies included. Then I gave you two payment options. Option #1 $30.00 an hour. Option #2 1 penny doubled everyday for 31 days. Which one would you take? THINK CAREFULLY! $30 x 8 hours = $240 x 31 = $7,440.00 OR 1 penny doubled everyday. HMMM???

Here's what a penny doubled everyday looks like....

Did you make the right choice? With Karatbars we can experience exponential income growth if we want to ... by finding 2 SAVERS and then helping them find two and so on. You could theoretically double your income/commissions Quickly or slowly (daily/weekly/monthly or yearly) depending on your efforts and your teams efforts.

Commissions/Earnings are Transferred Automatically Weekly and Monthly to Your MasterCard!

gold money Membership is FREE. Absolutely no obligations or time limitations.
gold money Not a prelaunch. BUT those who join later will be placed behind the ones that get a free account today. We are building in straight lines down.
gold money Weekly pay example: Members with a VIP package that cycle 6 times per day will make approx. $600.00 daily + bonuses. Earnings will be sent to their prepaid card each Friday. (automatically)
gold money You are just two good referrals away from amazing bonuses, being paid weekly and getting all your gold for free. (We may even find one of them for you)
gold money Monthly purchases not required. No need to spend money to qualify for commissions.
gold money Not an illegal gifting program, HYIP or matrix.
gold money This is a real company LIKED by the Vatican and consumer watchdogs.
gold money Finally a retirement plan you can count on.
gold money No more blindly throwing your hard earned cash at opportunities and hoping for the best.
gold money No sponsoring required to be eligible to earn commissions. You can keep your source of wealth a secret from friends and family if you want.
gold money Learn from long time members. Our senior partners will go way out of their way to help you out. Join our chat rooms and get your questions answered.
gold money Use leverage and GOLD to achieve FREEDOM!

What's better? A truck load of gold or none at all? ( HINT: Gold is very valuable in ALL countries. The future of the US dollar is not looking so good.)

Setup your FREE Karatbars Affiliate Account And Have A Look Around

Risk Free and Requires NO Experience. Absolutely No Obligations. Teachers are doing remarkably well. Register as a Karatbars "AFFILIATE" to get maximum benefits right away. Never any recurring fees, quotas or purchase requirements. By invitation only. You must have a sponsor or inviter to complete registration. Your Sponsor/inviter:Ben Alexander Username: reply ID#: 67591793

You can make a decision to move forward, or make a decision to stay where you are.

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Includes 100 Euro Bonus

NEW Masternodes: 40,000 Euro Weekly earning potential!
Fullnodes: 200,000 Euro Weekly earning potential!

Masternode And Fullnodes

No selling. No recruiting. Walk away income

"You don't have anything to do but earn"

UPDATE & Nodes VS Social Security

1st step? Register & verify your FREE account!

*Note We still LOVE KBC. You will be able to exchange 100 KBC for 1 gram of Gold this coming Forth of July. ("guaranteed") So that means you can lock in a price of 1 gram of gold for less than $3.00 NOW!! FYI KBC is trading less than .03 today Feb 17 2019. 1 Gram of the highest grade / spendable gold (What we have) is selling for around 45 euro today.

How do you acquire KBC? #1 Setup a free account. #2 Purchase cashgold #3 Load your wallet #4 Send it to our exchange (Karatbit) #5 Select KBC and buy, buy, buy! Come July 4th it's my opinion that many of our members will be exchanging their KBC for Gold and then selling it on the exchange so they can pay off their homes, cars and buy things that bring them joy. Of course you can earn coins for sharing.
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      Gold- meets the basic definition of money since it has intrinsic value.       Fiat currency - Has no intrinsic value other than the paper it's printed on.       Gold - Rare, valuable and difficult to produce.       Fiat currency - printed or created digitally at no or very low cost.       Gold - Consistent measure of value for 5000 years and has never failed. Fiat currency - Loses purchasing power over time and thousands of fiat currencies have gone to zero.       Gold- Universally accepted as money.       Fiat currency - Accepted according to agreements that can be breached or voided.       Gold - Tangible asset with full settlement and no counter-party risk or 3rd party liability.      Fiat currency - Debt instrument that remains the outstanding liability of a bank or government.       Gold - Annual rate of supply increase is approximately 2%.      Fiat currency - Supply often increases faster than growth of population or economy.       Gold - Incredibly durable - almost all of the gold ever mined still exists today.      Fiat currency - Throughout history the average lifespan of a fiat currency is 47 years.       Gold - Governments and central banks have little control over its price.      Fiat currency - Centrally controlled and manipulated by banks and governments.       Gold - Distributes wealth and financial power to its holders outside of government reach.      Fiat currency - Financial power is dominated by banks and government who determine its value.       Gold - Hedge against inflation and the collapse of government or financial institutions.      Fiat currency - Can become worthless due to hyperinflation or collapse of governments.

Gold is the ultimate product to promote in 2019. As the FED continues to pump BILLIONS of new paper currency into our economy, the end result is going to be hyperinflation - and most people will in turn cancel their "luxury autoships" and RUSH to buy gold to protect their purchasing power as prices for goods rise. There's only ONE precious metals company in multi tier affiliate industry today that offers the highest commissions, free storage, and luxury bonuses.

As the economy and US dollar continues to crumble from frivolous printing of fiat currency, the masses are going to trade their declining paper into REAL money and hard assets to protect themselves - this will in turn create an EXPLOSIVE opportunity for those who position themselves NOW with the right company before the mainstream "awakens" and starts buying huge amounts of gold. There has never been a time in our industry's history where the entire world will be actively SEEKING OUT a product offered through Network Marketing. In recessionary times people don't hunt for lotions, skin creams, vitamins or travel deals. They hunt for gold and silver - and because this problem is GLOBAL it will usher in the greatest transfer of wealth the world has ever seen. Karatbars offers the ultimate vehicle to capitalize on this massive transition into gold worldwide! Don't just offer any gold to those you care about. Acquire the highest grade gold in the world with the most advanced security features & "spendability". Get your gold for free with our system that allows you to acquire it without using out of pocket money today.

"One Of The Biggest Secrets In The History Of The World"

In the below video "You are about to learn one of the biggest secrets in the history of the world... it's a secret that has huge effects for everyone who lives on this planet."

Most people can feel deep down that something isn't quite right with the world economy, but few know what it is. Gone are the days where a family can survive on just one paycheck... every day it seems that things are more and more out of control, yet only one in a million understand why. You are about to discover the system that is ultimately responsible for most of the inequality in our world today.

The powers that be DO NOT want you to know about this, as this system is what has kept them at the top of the financial food-chain for the last 100 years.

Learning this will change your life, because it will change the choices that you make. If enough people learn it, it will change the world... because it will change the system .

For this is the biggest Hidden Secret Of Money.

Never in human history have so many been plundered by so few, and it's all accomplished through this... The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind.

BUT WHY NOT GOLD ETFs/CONTRACTS? (Because they could be a FRAUD?)

Feb 19, 2019 New Gold & Precious Metals Revelations

"The perfect storm of price explosion for precious metals. On April 1st, new rules will allow banks to hold gold as a so-called tier 1 asset. Hemke points out, “This is why central banks are buying gold too. . . . Gold will be considered a riskless asset just like Treasury bonds. The way it is currently structured now, if you had $1 billion in gold in your reserves in the bank, you could only count half of that as your reserves. . . . So, $1 billion in gold only counted as $500 million. Now, it will count for the full $1billion."

DONALD TRUMP Love him or hate him ... He knows a thing or two about GOLD & MONEY

Karatbars - The Lamborghini Of Money Making Opportunities And Wealth Preservation


The Karatbars CEO is an author and prominent citizen in Stuttgart Germany. You can even visit the home office!


gold money"Preserve your cake and eat it too" Most legal money making opportunities are based on consumables ... But here the product preserves your wealth -AND- you get to make weekly income.
gold moneyMembers with a VIP package and cycle 7 times per week ... will make AT LEAST $700.00 weekly.
gold moneyMonthly purchases not required. No need to spend money to qualify for commissions.
gold moneyNot a HYIP or matrix .. BUT good timing means more wealth potential. Hesitation could mean missing out on thousands of dollars
gold moneyCredibility. Doing business with the Vatican, audited by consumer watchdogs and gold tested to be of the highest quality in the world.
gold moneyFinally something in your retirement plan you can count on.
gold moneyUse leverage and GOLD to achieve FREEDOM.

Gold OWNERSHIP Considerations

WARNING Not All Gold Is Created Or Treated Equal

Many of us feel it's our duty to alert others to what's going on OR "Ring The Bell"

Get Paid Weekly!

Absolutely No Obligations. Register as an "AFFILIATE" to get maximum benefits right away. Never any recurring fees, quotas or purchase requirements. By invitation only. You must have a sponsor or referrer to complete registration. Your Sponsor: reply ID#: 67591793

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For Every $200 Euro You Earn ... The System Gets You 1 Gram Of Gold ... Here's 44 Grams!!

Brought to you by: Ben Alexander (reply) 570 746 9204 (USA)
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Hesitation could mean missing out on thousands of dollars!

Click here to setup your free gold savings account (That pays 5 times a month)

I did my best to show you what makes Karatbars "legit",
"Why gold" and "why gold now". I hope I did a good job!

Disclaimer/full disclosure: The information reviewed on this website is about Karatbars International GmbH, a global e-commerce company based out of Stuttgard, Germany. This informational site has been created by independent affiliates of Karatbars International GmbH (Not employees) to show the affiliate reward earning potential when you decide to utilize the wealth building plan. The projections shown on this website are not guaranteed of income but rather an example/opinion of the earning potential available based on your individual work efforts & market conditions. Cryptocurrency trading/investing involves risk of loss and is not suitable for everyone. The valuation of cryptocurrencies may fluctuate, and, as a result, clients may lose their original investment. All trading strategies are used at your own risk. We do NOT sell securities therefore we are not registered with S.E.C. Your personal data (if submitted) is never shared, rented or sold. This website uses cookies (Like all e-commerce sites) to track traffic flow. Your IP address will not be stored, shared or sold by