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"Is this a Pyramid Scheme?"

This video has been used in courtrooms to explain how a fair
compensation plan works

You can read more about this type of compensation being discussed in such leading publications
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This credibility is also extending into the university sector.

"Not everyone is looking to run their own business or take charge."

"There are actually a lot of people who are content with being an employee and have no desire whatsoever to change that. Some people love their job and wouldnít give it up for a million bucks. Some people despise network marketing and/or direct sales and would rather be buried alive than be associated with it.

Some people despise business in general. Some people think making lots of money is a bad thing. Some people donít have the funds to properly run a business. Some people are absolutely scared to death of anything that involves risk. Some people have plenty of money and arenít looking for anything else. Some people just plain old donít care. Some people donít have time. Some people just arenít cut out to be entrepreneurs and are better off working at McDonaldís. Some people are perfectly content with where they are at in life and have no desire to change. Thatís fine.

Whatever the case, you do not need to convince anyone to get into this business. Itís a waste of your time and energy to try and do so. The trick is to say less, to more people. You'll find the right people, and you'll know it when you find them."

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Network Marketing is BIG MONEY
1. NFL 9 Billion $ Industry
2. Video Gaming is 50B Dollars
3. Music is a 70 Billion $ Industry
4. Movie/Entertainment 110 Billion
5. Network Marketing 114 Billion