Don't Bet Your Life On Paper Money!

Here's why we need to do SOMETHING Quickly. .
And not just the US

The Euro, British Pound and the Yen..

"We are on the financial equivalent of the Titanic"

What should we do? Offer passengers skin cream samples? Sell them diet drinks? Turn them on to wearable heart monitors? Offer soap? Or, give them their own financial life raft?

You thought MONEY could store WEALTH? Sorry! "You been SCAMMED!"

Ron Paul ... His Final Warning

Breakdown of prosperity & LIBERTIES as we know them

The US refused to give Germany their gold back. "sign of a problem?"

So you think you pay too much in taxes now? Better sit down for this...

UPDATE. Pending financial meltdown. You will have no access to your wealth. You may have a pretty statement that says you have xyz (stocks) in there. You just can't touch it. It will be the same thing with your bank account . . . basically, access will be gone. That's what it will look like, and people are going to be freaked out. What do you do when the computer says no?

"Your money is unsecured"

-Did you hear about how banks can confiscate private accounts if they are in financial trouble? Safer to have some savings in the form of gold .. "in hand" I think..

Just do a search and find this:

Why is everybody saying "Cyprus was just a test ... and what happened there will be coming to a bank near you?"

"TIME TO WAKE UP" The relationship between the financial system and wars around the world

Why Robert Kiyosaki
is hot on gold trail..


"Prelaunches, diet drinks, websites and aps come and go ...
Gold is forever!"

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How did billions of dollars in retirement money vaporize overnight and why did brokers jump from roofs not that long ago? Watch "The Big Short" movie ( I can't post it here .. it's on Netflix OR rent on Youtube.) This madness is still going on today and fixing to REPLAY.

The Big Short

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