Popular Wealth Building Strategy #1

+Become An Affiliate.

It's free to join and it's a lot like being an Amazon affiliate.
No membership fees or quotas/purchase required to be eligible.


- You earn 0.5% to 6% from Gold sales in the "Unilevel" system and paid monthly.
- If a saver exchanges 50 euro for gold each week .. you would earn 5% or 2.50 euro per week.
- If 100 savers save in gold this week you make 250 euro per week. (Approx $305 US Dollars)
- If one million savers save one gram per week you make 2.5 million euro per week.
- When savers use weekly "Autosave" you get residual income every week.
- You get double commissions for a limited time to help you advance / get into the "Dual System"

Savers sometimes don't wait around and exchange thousands of dollars for gold. So you want to be the first to invite them to take a look at Karatbars before someone else does.

I Like the Karatbars affiliate program over the Amazon affiliate program because:
1) I get the customer for life. (If an amazon customer goes back without using my link .. I don't get credit)
2) Karatbars pays much better commissions.

Popular Wealth Building Strategy #2

+Earn As An Affiliate PLUS Maximize Your Income Potential

Acquiring a Karatbars business package gets you into the dual system. You get leverage like buying into a franchise. If you decide to purchase a Karatbars business package, you receive direct commissions for any packages you sell and units. In the dual system you can also invite other affiliates and earn a passive residual income. (You get points & Units Unlimited levels down) You get a direct commission of 5%, 10%, 15% or 20% depending on the package you purchased along with cycle payouts that are paid out on the following Friday. A cycle payout happens when you have 25 units in one leg and 50 in the other. **Units are assigned to products/packages.(Not people) **A "leg" is a team. A team starts with one person/business on your left and a person/business on your right.


More info in the video below & Learn about the current incentives in the backoffice of your FREE ACCOUNT

If You Want Different Results, You Have to Try Different Approaches. Your success is not about your resources. It's about how resourceful you are. Verify your free gold money account and I'll send my guide.

Exciting Rewards Program

Keep Karatbars a secret if you want or let (2) like minded individuals in on what we are doing and be eligible to receive; cash, cars, spendable gold, trips and a villa (Location of your choice)

C Class

40.000 €
You get the title

E Class or CLS

70.000 €
You get the title

S Class or SL

120.000 €
You get the title

Karatbars Explained By Members In Simple Terms Everyone Can Understand

This will make much more sense after you watch the top video

I like having 7 ways to make money. Because 7 is more than 1

"Cash Will Be Trash"

"Future Of Gold "Very Good”

-Rich Dad’s Robert Kiyosaki

"Only Gold is money. Everything else is debt"

J.P. Morgan

"Gold is king"

Alan Greenspan


Is Karatbars a Pyramid Scheme?


No. This vidoe has been used in courtrooms to explain how a fair compensation plan works


"Because the money in your bank account and retirement savings will be conficated & become worthless!"

You can make money with GOLD and Gold is a safe haven ( For ALL Countries .. not just ours)

Karatbars - The Lamborghini Of Money Making Opportunities And Wealth Preservation


The Karatbars CEO is an author and prominent citizen in Stuttgart Germany. You can even visit the home office!


gold money"Preserve your cake and eat it too" Most legal money making opportunities are based on consumables ... But here the product preserves your wealth -AND- you get to make weekly income.
gold moneyMembers with a VIP package and cycle 7 times per week ... will make AT LEAST $700.00 weekly.
gold moneyMonthly purchases not required. No need to spend money to qualify for commissions.
gold moneyNot a HYIP or matrix .. BUT good timing means more wealth potential. Hesitation could mean missing out on thousands of dollars
gold moneyCredibility. Doing business with the Vatican, audited by consumer watchdogs and gold tested to be of the highest quality in the world.
gold moneyFinally something in your retirement plan you can count on.
gold moneyUse leverage and GOLD to achieve FREEDOM.

Gold OWNERSHIP Considerations

WARNING Not All Gold Is Created Or Treated Equal

Many of us feel it's our duty to alert others to what's going on OR "Ring The Bell"

Get Paid Weekly!

Absolutely No Obligations. Register as an "AFFILIATE" to get maximum benefits right away. Never any recurring fees, quotas or purchase requirements. By invitation only. You must have a sponsor or referrer to complete registration. Your Sponsor: reply ID#: 67591793

Questions? Chat with me (Ben Alexander, Karatbars Director) 570-746-9204 (USA Pa)
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