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The Future belongs to those who Invest in Today
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  gold moneyPassive income programs ... ( Matrices, doublers, cyclers, revenue shares, autosurfs and HYIPs ) ALL tend to slow down and stall. Or, get shut down.
gold moneyPrelaunches seldom meet expectations. What's in it for latecomers?
gold moneySavings and IRAs. Many don't like paying $150,000 in fees! ( 401Ks - Common compounded lifetime amount ) Or .. trust banks that are too big to fail ( They got the OK to take your money! ) ...and the politicians want our retirement money in exchange for promises. (What happened in Cyprus was just the beginning ... check it out)
gold moneyThe cost of living ALWAYS goes up. The spare change in your couch will buy less next year. ( Because of inflation) It's hard to get ahead when they keep demanding more.

  gold moneyMembers with a VIP package that cycle 6 times per day make $600.00 daily!
gold moneyMonthly purchases not required. No need to spend money to qualify for commissions.
gold moneyNot a HYIP, binary, matrix or MLM as you may know it .. HOWEVER good timing means more money.
gold moneyThis is a real company LIKED by the Vatican, consumer watchdogs and audited.
gold moneyFinally a simple Perpetual like retirement plan you can count on. Simple.
gold moneyUse leverage and GOLD to achieve FREEDOM!

Commissions and gold converted to money
get added to your prepaid card automatically!
Gold card
You can put your commissions on your new prepaid Mastercard
or use Ipayout. ( Sorry you can't use mine .. I had to
cover the numbers! :-)

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"Why are so many people HORDING gold?"

Because it's a safer place to store your money!
Most don't know gold no longer backs our cash. In fact our currency is now called "Fiat Money" .. which ALWAYS becomes worthless. It's kind of sneaky actually, when prices go up .. it's because the dollar is becoming worth less. We think it's just because things are getting more expensive. But the Gold becomes worth more! To complicate the situation, when more money is printed in the US it affects the world's economy. As you may have heard ..the money printing presses around the world are out of control.

Dollar's loss of value since 2006

I think it makes loads more sense for those in mlm to exchange small amounts of money
for gold each month/week than buying over priced juices or memberships .. Because you have something THAT KEEPS IT'S VALUE to show for it. With other programs the consumables you have
to buy will be gone and your cash will buy even less after another year has gone by.

We make a fortune by betting they will print more money.

( And/or by letting two others in on what's going on )

Why Robert Kiyosaki is on the hot trail to gold metal:

"Is this one of those Pyramid Schemes?"
This vidoe has been used in courtrooms to explain how a fair
compensation plan works

It doesn't matter where you live..
Your cash will buy less next year. UNLESS
You decide to turn it around today.
Membership is free. You can even get weekly residual income.

Our Team Is Making History 1 Gram At A Time.
We are lightyears ahead of the rest when it comes to helping average
people aquire any amount of spendable gold and paying members weekly.

Accounts are FREE. Free storage. Fast and Easy liquidation. No monthly requirements.
Leverage your buying power. We are currently in position for exponential growth.

Keep Karatbars a secret if you want. Or..
Let the right two people in on this and then you will be able to avoid the pending disaster! But you may need to decide which car to drive home to your 1.2 million dollar villa.

( I chose to tell others and put 30 people under my first two referrals )

EVERYONE needs 'life insurance' for their financial well being and the option to get paid with REAL money. ( Gold )

  • Karatbars Is trustworthy. Liked by the Vatican, Mastercard and Entrust ( IRA's)
  • There's no cost to join the movement. Accounts are FREE.
  • There's no monthly fees. (Gold is stored free)
  • Daily webinars. Introduction and step by step training. Not only will you learn from those making $1000.00 a day online, You will get their help building under you. ( We get paid unlimited levels down.)
  • Free members get paid monthly. Those
    that buy a starter package get money sent to their Karatbars prepaid card automatically each week and can benefit from the affiliates we place under them.
  • Rewards program for those that take action.
    -Certified spendable gold for free.
    -Get A Gold Iphone.
    -Trip To Dubal.
    -Mega Trip
    -Gold Rolex
    -3 New Cars. 1 Standard, 1 Deluxe, 1 Sports
    -1.2 million dollar villa anywhere in the world.
  • I have been giving my referrals their own site like this one

Working for your wealth and success!


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PS Many don't take making money online
seriously .. or even know that you can! See an example of my past online earnings ..
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Who are we helping today?
The Hopeless Dept CRISIS
An accountant explains it short and simple.

The Corporate Video ( WARNING -It's educational )


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More Karatbars Information

*Note. The world's currency is based on the us dollar. We are not just talking
about the US here. See corporate video above.

gold bullion

Those who hesitate will be placed behind new members that create accounts today. This could mean missing out on thousands of dollars.

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Teachers are doing remarkably well.
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