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MILLIONS ARE WAKING UP TO THE FACT THAT WE NEED MORE THAN CASH TO SURVIVE. We are seeing what happens when money gets re-evaluated and confiscated. People are climbing out of bed to find they are worth half as much as the day before. Cyprus was just the tip of the iceberg. What lies down the road is frightening. It's not a matter of if it will happen to you but when .. UNLESS you decide to turn it around TODAY.


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  • Update Smaller increments of gold added. (0.1g, 0.2g, 0.4g and 0.6g)
  • Update Sister company created to merge Gold with Blockchain!

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    ~Theodore Johnson worked for UPS and never made more than $14,000 a year and yet, in his old age, was worth more than $70 million. When he said he had no money to save, a friend told him that if he were taxed, the money would be taken out of his account and he'd never see it. So he created a tax for himself to make him wealthy. Even though he earned little, he took 20 percent of his income and it went straight into an investment account. Over more than five decades, that compounded to make him $70 million.


    #1 Dollars are no longer backed by gold. We Think this may be the root of the problem!
    #2 It doesnt matter where you live... your money will buy less next year. The printing of money is out of control On a GLOBAL scale. (So what who cares? Imagine if Microsoft decided to make up & sell trillions of new shares ... with no accountability. ALL OF THE SHARES THAT EVERYONE OWNS WOULD EVENTUALLY DEPRECIATE IN VALUE ... Correct? )
    #3 Gold has an inverse relationship with cash. Basic economics demands gold price increases.
    (EXAMPLE: Think of the rising prices of groceries at the store. Each year as the dollars buy less .. It will take more of them to buy the same amount of Gold and food.)

    Gold is the ultimate product to promote in 2018. As the FED continues to pump BILLIONS of new paper currency into our economy, the end result is going to be hyperinflation - and most people will in turn cancel their "luxury autoships" and RUSH to buy gold to protect their purchasing power as prices for goods rise. There's only ONE precious metals company in multi tier affiliate industry today that offers the highest commissions, free storage, and luxury bonuses.

    As the economy and US dollar continues to crumble from frivolous printing of fiat currency, the masses are going to trade their declining paper into REAL money and hard assets to protect themselves - this will in turn create an EXPLOSIVE opportunity for those who position themselves NOW with the right company before the mainstream "awakens" and starts buying huge amounts of gold. There has never been a time in our industry's history where the entire world will be actively SEEKING OUT a product offered through Network Marketing. In recessionary times people don't hunt for lotions, skin creams, vitamins or travel deals. They hunt for gold and silver - and because this problem is GLOBAL it will usher in the greatest transfer of wealth the world has ever seen. Karatbars offers the ultimate vehicle to capitalize on this massive transition into gold worldwide! Don't just offer any gold to those you care about. Acquire the highest grade gold in the world with the most advanced security features & "spendability". Get your gold for free with our system that allows you to acquire it without using out of pocket money today.

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