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 Want To Retire Early?

Did you know 98% plan to make LESS after they retire?

That's some screwy logic right?

Because the cost of living is always going up!

 JOIN US! You Can Opt-out Of Inflation And Earn While You Sleep!

Most of the wealthy people I know have at least 7 streams of income.
This website is about the one I love the most! No investment/selling required.

We Use A Unique System To Make Money With Gold

E-Commerce company (Like Amazon, but we use a system) with headquarters in Stuttgart Germany that abides by strict consumer protection policies. Karatbars is recommended by Bundessparer, a German independent consumer watchdog organization. They are registered with the WTO as an E-Commerce company with an affiliate program. Karatbars has an affiliate program that is NOT Multi-Level Marketing. Levels don't count but you may end up with customers and affiliates placed below you if you register here.

Most MLM programs requires you to purchase products. Karatbars does not require you to purchase anything but the point of joining is to get gold so it is highly recommended that you use the system to leverage your income and acquire gold. Preserve your wealth. Save with more gold and less fiat money because gold is inflation-proof and can never go bankrupt. It is the only asset that has proven the test of time.

Karatbars offers the fastest and easiest way to make an additional weekly income and build up your gold portfolio at the same time. The goal of our team is to have everyone get their gold for FREE and earn weekly on their debit card from Karatbars. Nothing on the planet comes remotely close to what's happening with Karatbars. History is being made right now and believe me you want to get in on this!

- Voted #1 Payplan
- Quality Information everyone should know
- How to acquire Appreciating Assets For 'Free'
- Exploding In 120+ Countries
- Perfect timing because the world is changing
- FREE spot for life & 100euro Bonus

What Are Some Of The Benefits of Being An "Affiliate"

$20 Billion Dollar Industry

  • Being an affiliate does not require you to be an expert.
  • Affiliates don't have to worry about stock control, shipping, overhead, rent, supplies, licensing, payroll, equipment, utilities, online security, order processing, the processing of payments or invoicing.
  • Affiliates usually have a zero or a very low risk opportunity to earn additional revenue for themselves. Example: Register for free and share your special link on Twitter or Facebook.
  • If you are an affiliate that means you are your own boss, you can set your own marketing income targets and goals.
  • Most affiliate marketing is done online so you can benefit from doing it from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection.
  • Affiliates decide how much time they want to invest in their affiliate marketing business and dictate how much they will make.
  • Affiliates don't have to deal with customer returns or complaints because everything is handled by the merchants.
  • The merchants usually provide support for their affiliates to maximize the earning potential for both parties.

Not All Affiliate Opportunities Are Created Equal

  • Hundreds of affiliate opportunities come and go every month. I have even seen them vanish with my commissions!
  • Many do not pay for the life of the customer. For example: I was an Amazon affiliate. If I brought them a new customer, I got credit on their first purchase. After that I did not get credit. (Amazon got the customer 'for life' tho ) Similar with being a Walmart affiliate.
  • Not all affiliate programs reward you for introducing/helping other affiliates. I like to leverage my time like franchise owners do, so I look for that benefit.
  • Many have a high pay out threshold. Eg $100.00 and restrictions like "In order to qualify for a payout, you must make a minimum of 5 sales from at least 2 different payment methods. For example, if you have 5 sales, they can't all come from PayPal. You would have to have at least 1 from another payment method such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, etc. -In addition, if you make a sale and then do not have another sale within a 90 day period, you will start to incur dormant account fees." I had this happen to me and watched a $50.00 commission quickly dissapear.

(Karatbars does not have such limitations or restrictions)

HESITATION places you behind everyone else.
Click here to Get your FREE affiliate account and have a look around.



We get paid weekly on a debit card.

FREE gold storage. Fast and easy gold liquidation.
Earnings and money from liquidated gold added to
your prepaid debit card weekly.

Venezuela, Greece, Argentina, Portugal, Iceland, Spain, Ireland,
and Hungary have slashed their currency value in recent history and
most people world wide have noticed their money buys less each year.

Why do we even have a debt ceiling? Can we solve our debt problems by borrowing more money to pay off
old debts? Doesn't that just create more debt? Do they know the difference between deficit and debt? Why
are countries going bankrupt? Did you know when more money is printed in the US .. it affects the world's
economy? And the printing presses are out of control
national debt

*Fiat currency is the money in your pocket/bank

The Decision To Own Gold is a No Brainer Right?
But what if you can't afford it? NO PROBLEM!

35 Grams Of 'FREE' Gold Delivered To My Door
without using my bank or credit card

"Who needs a treasure map when you have FedEx?"

There's Seven Ways To Earn.

Most of them are free! (Look in your backoffice for complete details) I started as a
free member then later bought a Gold business package. Shortly after that I used
earnings to upgrade to VIP. Everything is based in Euro so figures change often. 

Keep Karatbars a secret or let two other like minded people in on what we are doing and qualify for luxury bonuses!

*NOTE: The first three bonuses have been replaced with GOLD BARS!

EVERYONE deserves financial independence
  • Trustworthy. Licensing deal with the vatican, Roll your IRA into gold option and we get a Mastercard debit card. TESTED. The highest grade gold in the world. Gold embedded in a certificate of authenticity OR coin.
  • There's no cost to join the movement. Accounts are free.
  • There's no monthly/yearly fees. Gold is stored free. Easy liquidation to debit card.
  • Daily webinars. Introduction and step by step training. Not only will you be learning from the pros, they will be helping build under you! ( We get paid unlimited levels down.)
  • Free members get paid monthly. Those
    that buy a business package ( Little as $99 euro) get money sent to their Karatbars prepaid card each week automatically and can benefit from the affiliates we place under them.
  • Rewards program for those that take action.
    -'Certified' spendable gold for free.
    -Gold Rolex
    -3 New Cars. 1 Standard, 1 Deluxe, 1 Sports
    -1.2 million dollar villa anywhere in the world.
  • I have made some of my referrals their own sales page like this one

Just a call or IM away!

Ben Alexander


(Home phone) 570 746 9204
Skype: benatbesavy

PS Many don't take making money online
seriously .. or even know that you can! We can't
show weekly/monthly earnings. So here's a former program example here: .. Click Here

ZERO cost startup. ZERO monthly expenses

Original Corporate Video (WARNING -It's educational)


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No monthly recruiting or purchase requirements
Teachers are doing remarkably well.
No upfront money needed.
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